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Podiatry - Treatment and Surgery

Sometimes foot disorders can cause a surprising amount of pain and suffering. To treat the problem, you may need a specialist in podiatry foot care. In many cases of injury, podiatry specialists will simply wrap the foot that needs care in a custom splint.

The splints wrap around the area where the foot hurts, applying pressure, pushing bone fragments together, and sometimes relieving pain. The "Dorsal Night Splint" is one of the latest developments for treating ankle and foot injury.

Some of the common foot disorders are diseases of the skin, arthritis, bone tumors, diabetes, and poor circulation. Sometimes podiatry problems occur in the foot area when shoes are worn that are too tight or too loose. Otherwise, alternative forms of treatment–potentially including surgery–may be required to alleviate the pain.

While symptoms for physical injury to the foot may seem fairly intuitive, other problems will not be quite as obvious. For instance, less-obvious symptoms may include soft tissue masses, tendon irregulatories, or discoloration.

Sports and other physical injuries may also make it necessary for you to visit a podiatrist. Additionally, you may simply feel like you need to visit one to get advice or medicine to relieve your aches and pains.

Toe problems may also require the assistance of podiatry experts, especially if overgrowths become problematic. Sometimes surgeries are needed from a podiatrist to remove the overgrowth.

Most toe surgeries are conducted in the podiatrist's office. No hospital in-patient care is needed in most instances. The podiatrist merely administers a painkiller by syringe into the toe area before surgery begins.

However, surgery is often quite painful and additional podiatry medicines may be necessary to help minimize the pain further. After the surgery, limping may occur for a short time, and the foot or toe problems may reoccur.